Easy ways to live a healthier life

Everybody loves living a healthy life. By 'a healthy life' I mean a life free from illnesses, sicknesses, stress and even depression. Some of you may seem surprised but it’s not hard to live this kind of life. Just a few adjustments in your daily living habits can help you be the healthy person you have always wanted to be without struggling. Below are a few easy ways to live a healthier life.



This is not a myth. If you want to live healthy, you have to make sure that anything going on in your body is diagnosed and proper treatment done. This is your first step before doing anything. Visiting a doctor regularly has been found to improve quality of living by over 90%. People who visit their doctor regularly were found to be happier than their counterparts who visited their doctor maybe once or twice a year. A doctor gives you a peace of mind in turn reducing your stress levels which is a key contributor to unhappiness.



It doesn't matter how old you are, being active increases your chances of being healthy by at least 80%. Slow metabolism and chronic illnesses increase greatly as we age, a reason why making healthier choices each and every day is beneficial. Take long walks if running or jogging is not your thing, swim, practice yoga…just do any exercise you feel comfortable in as long as you keep your heart active. Sitting all day won't do you any good. All these exercise will help maintain/manage your weight. Weight gain accounts for over 90% of all diseases including diabetes and all heart problems. Exercising will help keep off extra weight in turn keeping you healthy.



Choose healthy foods and drinks that add value to your body. Foods high in sugar, processed foods and fast foods should be avoided. Instead opt for vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates like brown rice and brown sugar. These foods not only keep you healthy, but they promote healthier cells in turn making you healthy all round be it skin, hair and body. Last but not least, smoking. Quit smoking if you haven't already. Apart from wreaking havoc in your lungs, smoking contributes to all spinal cord problems. Lower and upper back pain all result from smoking among other illnesses. Eating healthy, reducing your alcohol intake and quitting smoking will all keep you healthy.


Other major tips that can contribute to a healthy you include;

-Getting enough sleep.

-Drinking enough water.

-Avoiding stress.


All these tips look simple, but it actually takes a positive mind and a strong will to make it happen. Even if your doctor clears you up, that is not the end. You have to continue living healthy because that is the only way to a happy you!